The Getaway: Part 2 With Bridgette B, Karma Rx, Ricky Spanish By Brazzers

The Getaway: Part 2

Pornstars:Ricky Spanish, Bridgette B, Karma Rx

Description:After a steamy sex session, Bridgette reveals that she thinks Ricky is kinda cute and has thought about fucking him when her husband isn't around. Karma is surprised by the candid confession and goes to take a shower to clean up for another round of pussy licking. While she showers, Ricky sneaks in to continue his pursuit of the pussy. He sneaks into the shower and surprised Karma with his massive cock. Karma tries to deny his advances but it doesn't take long for her mouth to water for his throbbing member! Bridgette comes looking for Karma and catches them mid-fucking, but to their surprise, she isn't mad... she wants to join! What a wonderful turn of events! Let the fucking begin!



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