FakeTaxi - Jennifer returns for legends cock - John Bishop, Jennifer Keelings

Storyline :- The taxi was an absolute mess when I got in today. There were wet wipes everywhere, surfaces were sticky...it was bizarre! I could not fathom what sorts of activities could leave the car in its shoddy state. That's when gorgeous red headed Jennifer Keelings got into the car. She was on her phone and called me babe, but there was only one problem: I had never seen her before in my life! Turns out Jennifer had taken a ride with my son Antonio, cheeky bastard. She might've had the apprentice, but I told Jennifer what she really wanted was the master. I got into the backseat and ate her pussy through her white panties, then stuck my tongue deep inside of her. After making Jennifer cum, she sucked my cock and balls, then gave me a rimjob. I fucked her wet pussy inside the car and out, then lying on the bonnet, she stuck her finger deep in my arse, and wanked my cock until I covered her big tits and pretty face in cum!

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