BareBackStudios - Family Summer - Free Use Vol 1 Full Video

Heavy-R - Family Summer - Free Use Vol 1 Full Video

BareBackStudios - Family Summer - Free Use Vol 1

Clover Baltimore in Free Use Vol 1(HD-1080p)
From: Bare Back Studios (6878 Clips)

Scene One: Welcome Home

Cory and Luke are watching T.V while they wait for their son and Luke's sister to arrive home. They debate back and forth to see who is going to be the one to tell their son how they have a "free use family." When Clover and Johnny walk in the door, Luke starts to make out with Clover. Then Cory makes out with Clover next. Johnny is really confused as to what is going on with his family members! Then Cory grabs Johnny and kisses him on the lips. "Whoa! Mom! What's going on?" he questions Cory. "I'm just so excited that you're home!" she tells him. Luke suggests that everyone get a good night sleep and they'll all have breakfast together in the morning.

After they're all in bed, Luke sneaks in to Clover's bedroom. He gets in to bed with his sister and starts to lick her nipples before he fucks her pussy in the missionary position. "You're the best brother ever!" she moans. He flips her over in the doggystyle position next. In the next bedroom over, Johnny is convinced that he can hear someone moaning! He gets out of bed and opens the door to find his dad fucking his Aunt Clover! He starts jerking his cock outside the door, while he watches them fuck. Luke ends up cumming inside of Clover's pussy, and Johnny closes the bedroom door. "You need to keep this a secret between us for now," Luke begins to tell Clover, "I haven't told Johnny yet, so he doesn't know about this..."

Scene Two: Losing my Virginity

While Johnny was jerking off to his dad fucking his aunt, he doesn't realize that his mom is standing behind him! He tries to shove his cock back in his pants, but his mom grabs his cock. She pulls him in to his bedroom across the hall, while telling him, "I've been wanting to do this for such a long time!" Johnny is very nervous at first, but Cory puts his cock in her mouth and it starts to feel so good! Cory strips off all of his clothes and then helps Johnny pull some of his clothing off as well. "What if dad walks in?!" Johnny asks. "You just saw what he was doing to his sister across the hall!" Cory says. Cory hops up and tries to stick Johnny's cock inside of her pussy.

Johnny tries to make her stop, because he says that he's never had sex before! "Your mother is taking your virginity! Oh my God!" Cory exclaims, as she sits down on his cock. "It feels so tight and wet!" he tells her. She leans down to kiss him while she fucks him. Then they switch to the missionary position and Johnny fucks his mom in long, deep strokes. "I think I'm going to cum!" he moans. "Yes, cum for mommy! Look at mommy while you cum!" Cory tells him. He cums deep inside of her pussy... "I love you sweetie! I'm so glad you're home!" Cory says as she gets out of her son's bed, and goes back to her bedroom.

Scene Three: The Best Aunt

Johnny walks in to Clover's room, because he needs to confess something to her. He admits to her that he opened the door the other night and he saw his dad fucking her! Clover is so embarrassed! "Sweetie, your parents never told you about how open our family is?" she questions him. "No..." he replies. "Okay, well, do you want to see what your father was doing to me the other night?" she asks, while instructing him to lie back on her bed. She pulls her big tits out from under her dress. She pulls his pants down and starts to suck his cock. Johnny is nervous at first, but this feels so good! She sucks his dick for a while, until she starts to get turned on. Then she hops on top of his cock and starts to ride him. He spanks her ass and she tells him to spank it again! "I can't wait to tell your mom about this!" she says, while she fucks him. She lies down on the bed and Johnny fucks his aunt in the missionary position next. "Oh wow, you've definitely done this before!" she exclaims as he fucks her. She flips over in to the doggystyle position and he keeps fucking her pussy from behind. "Do you want to

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